How can I list my products in Online Marketplace for free?

July 22, 2022

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Since 1979, the e-commerce market has been the most disrupting marketplace with Google and Internet as its successors. Although, the passing time has made the e-commerce marketplaces viral and now everywhere. 

Matching the vast e-commerce platforms is daunting for its lucrative nature. Further, to profit as a supplier, the B2B and B2C businesses require a proper list of your product online on the specific marketplace. But you may have a lot of questions related to the product listing. Here, we have tried to provide you with all the details so that you can enjoy state-of-the-art solutions as a supplier. 

Demand for Online Marketplace- Statista

In 2018, online marketplace giants claimed 41% of online retail sales in the U.S. Since then, the number of claims has only increased. Also, the drastic change has pushed the marketplaces into a majority market share in retail sales. 

Offering vast shopping experiences to customers, the B2B business is replicating into a B2C online store. With the growth of online technology, E-marketplaces have expanded to target audiences that include B2-B buyers and potential customers. 

The trend in marketplaces is witnessed as it offers numerous benefits to the audiences and suppliers.


What are the benefits of choosing an Online MarketPlace? 

  • Customer Acquisition- The advantage of an online marketplace is customer acquisition. It makes it easier to acquire a new client base and expand the customer base. Small businesses get a wider reach with the help of marketplaces.
  • Trust Factor- It is also responsible for developing trust factors among customers and sellers. No one prefers unknown brands. The clients feel more easy buying from known and trustable brands. So, extending your business in the vast marketplace is worthy and helps to boost your ROI. 
  • Competition and Brand Awareness- It offers advantageous competition in the global marketplace. 

Now that you know the advantages of the Marketplace, you might ask yourself, can I list my products in the Online Marketplace for free?

Answering this, you need to follow some strategies. The strategies will help you choose the best site to sell used items online and answer your question.  

What should you consider before listing your products? 

  • Decide where and what to sell- Before knowing how you can list your products, identifying the best site is crucial. 
  • You can export to the marketplace- Apart from anything else, you can choose global marketplace across the world. It offers global customers that help you achieve a growing customer base. 
  • Register to get a seller account- The next step is registration. Here you need to create an account to process the further steps. All you need is your key documents to get the transaction-enabled credit card. 

List your products on

Once done with your account, you can start listing your products. Although, the rules for listing the products are different for every platform. Don’t forget to check the help pages to make sure about listing your products. 

Sellers with a registered account hold the authority to sell products in different genres. They are also allowed to list the bulk of products or inventory management with third-party systems. 

  • Create a new listing- If you don’t find your product listing on the site, you can add a new list. It helps your clients by providing relevant information. Each listing holds a specific identification number. 
  • Search and match products- The suppliers can also search the existing lists for further matching related products. This process well suits the persons who have few products. 
  • List products in a bulk- Sellers with a professional seller account can list their products in large batches or bulk.

Marketplace Language Assistance

In the next step comes the understanding of the marketplace language assistance. You should check whether the platform offers both regional and native languages. The listing should have both languages to get a better reach. Language assistance holds immense importance as it allows customers to shop at convenience. 

Build International Listen Tool (BIL) is a unique feature of large platforms that guarantees publishing offers, synchronizing pricing, translating listings, and international selling. This feature assists the suppliers to bring numerous products in a short span. Additionally, it also looks after the price proposals so that you do not have to worry about anything. 

  • BIL creates the listing as per your product specification and marketplace. 
  • The prices are modified with BIL and reflect the exchange rate fluctuations. 
  • A targeted marketplace updates listings that have been updated or deleted. 
  • By your rules, BIL is responsible for revising the prices. 

This is not the end, there are other few things you should consider while listing your online products. 

Tips to promote products on international marketplaces

Listing your products in the marketplace is not enough. Both internal and external tactics are required to make the business worthy. 

  •  Optimizing the SEO- Search Engine Optimization hugely helps your commercial listing. It allows a vast reach, as in other sites these are easily available with the ranking keywords. Some tools that help you to identify, which keyword is mostly searched by the customers are:

=> Google Keyword Planner- This free tool helps you to identify which keyword is mostly searched by the audience. 

=> Scope Tool- This is another tool that allows you to track keywords of the listed products on Amazon. You can get monthly volume, ranking position, estimated sales, and other areas with the help of the scope tool powered by Seller Labs. 

  • Sponsored Ads- Sponsored ads help to get more reach to particular products. Here, sellers only have to pay when the shoppers click the ads. It offers guaranteed results as your listing becomes more visible to global shoppers. 
  • Sharing on Social Media- Another method of grabbing huge promotions is by sharing the product details on social media. Additionally, the sellers can use social media promo codes or can host content or giveaways to get more traffic. Social media is a vast platform, and this method allows you to get natural customers rather than being invasive.
  • Influential Partnerships- The listing can get a huge promotion with the help of influential marketing. It is a process when prominent individuals link your products and spread them to other communities to get key buyers for your products. 
  • Run Competitor Analysis The more you will analyze your competitors, the more you can understand your faults. Performing a good analysis of your competitors helps you get a good ranking. The major areas you should analyze are:

=> Price- Check your competitor’s price range and then fix your price. Always try to keep your pricing lower than your competitors to get more customers. 

=> Designs- Also, check for the designs and templates used for the listings. Visuals are the most persuasive factor that encourages purchases. 

=> Texts- Next comes the fonts and the tests. Analyze the text designs and writing styles of the best-ranked products. You can follow their path to boost your product reach. 

  • Maintaining Product Rating- The first impression is the last. It is also applicable for online selling. If you have a bad rating on your product, you cannot influence your customers to buy your products. So, try to maintain good quality for your products. 

Finally how to list my products in Online Marketplace for free?

Not all marketplaces offer a free listing of your products. The cost of listing depends upon the marketplace guidelines. 

However, offers a free listing for its sellers. In 2022 one of the largest marketplaces is Here you can list your products online that you want by developing a new list or by adding items to the existing lists. Also, you can get global reach with this platform.
Unlike Amazon, and eBay, is also gaining huge popularity in the buying and selling market for it’s exclusive seller friendly features.