How to use an eyebrow stencils and stamp kit for no eyebrows?

August 24, 2022

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The majority of people fall into one of three categories: Those who have to perfect their eyebrows before leaving the house, those who stare aimlessly in the mirror wondering how to tame them, and those who don’t care at all about how they look. It’s true that filling, shaping, and defining your eyebrows can make a significant difference in your appearance, no matter which classification you fall into. Drawing in your eyebrows is often intimidating to people and they shy away from any attempts at it. Aside from that, choosing the right brow product from hundreds on the market can be a bit confusing. However, Tooflee Eye Brow Stencil and Stamp Kit will surely meet your expectations.

You can use Tooflee Eye Brow Stencil and Stamp Kit for your everyday makeup. It lets you shape your brows like a pro and without effort. A brow stencil fixes your face with a natural shape and you can fill it with your favourite pencil. However, an extra clean look is required then you can touch up your eyebrows with an eyebrow gel and concealer. You get a perfect eyebrow at a quick time when you try the product.

The first step is to find a proper stencil that matches your natural brow shape

Stencils come in different shapes in one pack. You just need to hold the stencil up to your eyebrow and find the best one that closely fits according to your shape. The stencils should match your brows perfectly.

Line the stem cell up with your arch

Hold the stencil up to your eyebrow and try to line up the curve with a natural arch. You can hold the stencil with just two fingers, maybe it can be your thumb and index finger. With both these two fingers you can press down on both the sides of the stencils. At the same time press the stencil firmly against the skin so that it doesn’t slip out as you colour in your Bros.

Stick the stencil over your Bros if it is a kind of sticker

You can line up the arch with a natural touch and make sure that both of your eyebrows look symmetrical when you place the sticker on your face. The eyebrow stencil stickers have lines drawn so that you can put them on straight.

Sticker stencils can also be easier to use than plastic stencils as you don’t have to bowl them on with one hand while you fill it in your bros with the other.

Fill the stencil with an eyebrow pencil

Use the eyebrow pencil according to your choice of colour that matches your natural eyebrow colour. Shade in with gentle strokes and make sure that it covers all the edges of the stencil. You do not need to worry if it goes outside the line as the stencil will guide you with the perfect shape.

Fill the other eyebrow, in the same manner,

The same plastic eyebrow you can just flip it over and use it by holding it against the other side. A sticker stencil will work in a better way. Fill the stencil with the same colour you have used in the other bro.

Touching up your Bros

Remove this stencil and brush your bros with an eyebrow brush. Brush it in an upward direction and out to soften the sharp edges, the stencils created. Brushing makes the ages of your eyebrows a little more natural.

Brush the concealer under the eyebrow line and blend in a downward direction

A small make brush with concealer and a thin layer underneath your eyebrow line will help you to create a natural look. You can use the concealer to reshape the bottom edge. Brush the concealer down to blend out so that it does not create a sharp line.

Plug the hairs that fall in outside the stencil line for a clean look

With the help of your teaser, take out one hair at a time and pull them in the same direction as they grow. A sharp teaser can make the process easier. It is not easy to over plug the hair but to make sure you must check the shape of your bro from far away every now and then. Do not pluck your hair too much.

Finally set your eyebrows with an eyebrow gel

Brush the eyebrow gel over the Bros with a bro brush so that your hard work stays for a longer time or throughout the day. If you do not have an eyebrow gel a clear mascara is a good alternative. But keep in mind that you must use a very small dab of gel so that your bros do not look goopy

Buy Tooflee Eyebrow Stencil and Stamp Kit

It is likely you will appreciate stencils that stick to your face during use to make things a bit easier. Basic stencils are bendable but not adhesive. Use stencils that have markings that help you align your brows with your bone structure if you need more guidance about where to place them. To achieve consistent and perfect eyebrows, you must buy a Tooflee Eye Brow Stencil and Stamp Kit. It will give you beautiful results each time you shape or fill them in. You must remember that top-rated stencils are not made with flexible materials which is why they hug the shape of your face. The stencils have a variety of arch options so that you can easily switch up your look accordingly.